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All our wool is sourced from small farmers in the Highlands of Peru. Each group of raw wool carries a batch number that easily detects its origin.

After, fibers are sorted by touch in a factory in southern Peru. There are 3 types of fibers based on microns: 26.5 (superfine) 22.5 (baby alpaca) and 18-18.5 microns (Royal). We use only Royal Alpaca wool. Once sorted, fibers are washed and dyed and created into our special yarn. 

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In Peru, our fabrics are uniquely made for outdoor garments. We were able to create the ultimate gear using durable and lightweight knits.

After, we apply different temperatures and vibrations to our alpaca wool to provide a signature touch of shine like no other. 

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We design all our garments using a functional fit. Camping in the Andes, we understand the importance of full coverage gear.

We closely designed each garment to fit the backpacker and traveler exploring nature's intense cold and hot conditions.

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We source wool from Peru and create our gear in Peru.

How are we able to do this? We are Peruvians ourselves and we have traveled around the world. Maintaining a deep connection with our roots, we are able to provide one-of-kind items. All our items are exported to our storage areas in the Netherlands and USA. 

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