TYPE: Alpaca Shirts, Alpaca Leggings, Alpaca Socks, Alpaca Tank Tops, Alpaca Sweatpants
USED FOR: Lightweight backpacking, Trekking, Climbing
BENEFITS: Comfort, Breathable, Warmth, Flexible 
FEATURES: Top design, Hypo- Allergenic, Wicking Abilities, Water Resistant, Solar Protection, Microscopic Pocket Fibers & Rapid Drying  
Our pure alpaca gear are developed for the adventurous who explore the altitudes far and wide and challenge themselves through harsh weather. For those seeking nature in their travels while wearing it next to skin. AoA is pure

Alpaca, nothing more needed. The perfect athletic fit and natural technology. 

 CARE: Hand wash & lay to dry
 FABRIC: 100% Royal Alpaca Fleece
*Photos below are prototypes. Color and style may vary